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Title: Episode 51 – Joker

Episode 51 – Joker

December 9th, 2019

Todd Phillips delivers probably the most unique comic book film to date simply titled Joker. Atul and Justin review the film and discuss its ... Read… Go to Episode

Episode 50! – Reflecting on 50 Episodes, Gender Reveals, and More

November 19th, 2019

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have hit the 50 episode milestone! It’s a minor milestone, but we never actually celebrated a milestone before, so here ...… Go to Episode

Episode 48 – Casa Loma, Crises, and Nostalgia

October 1st, 2019

We’ve been busy, but back on the podcasting track! I’m going to keep this brief. Atul and I discuss our experiences with Legends of ... Read More… Go to Episode

Episode 49 – IT: Chapter 2

October 14th, 2019

Balloons, Water Hags, and More! Atul and I, along with our resident Stephen King expert Sudip discuss IT: Chapter 2. This 3 hour film ... Read More The… Go to Episode