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The Institute of Natural Health is a cutting-edge center for restoring and maintaining health and wellness. The Institute utilizes a team of practitioners who have been uniquely trained to treat the whole body and are committed to finding and fixing the cause of the problem--not just covering up symptoms. Through state-of-the-art diagnostic testing and equipment, The Institute is able to provide a common-sense, science-based approach to health. The Institute offers the most innovative wellness treatments, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy and customized Intravenous Nutrition.


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111: Food Allergies vs Food Intolerance

All too often, when patients claim to react poorly to certain foods but labs don’t show an allergy, their concerns are dismissed and they’re told, “It’s all in your head.” Although we have a lot to learn about food intolerances, ever-growing research proves that they aren’t psychological or make-believe. Learn the differences between a true food allergy and a food intolerance, some examples of common food intolerances, and how healing your gut can, in some cases, alleviate the problem. Tune in every Sunday to 97.1FM Newstalk Radio to hear our podcasts live!