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"Cutting through the non-sense and providing common-sense, science-based strategies for a healthy life."
The Institute of Natural Health is a cutting-edge center for restoring and maintaining health and wellness. The Institute utilizes a team of practitioners who have been uniquely trained to treat the whole body and are committed to finding and fixing the cause of the problem--not just covering up symptoms. Through state-of-the-art diagnostic testing and equipment, The Institute is able to provide a common-sense, science-based approach to health. The Institute offers the most innovative wellness treatments, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy and customized Intravenous Nutrition.


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Title: 111: Food Allergies vs Food Intolerance

103: The Skinny on Fats

May 19th, 2019

Are you concerned about eating too much fat? Fat is one of the three main macronutrients (along with carbohydrate and protein) that our bodies need to… Go to Episode

102: How to Improve Your Cognitive Performance Part II – Foods That Can Improve Cognitive Function

May 12th, 2019

Following up to our previous episode on brain performance, we discuss foods that can benefit cognitive function. The connection may not be seen initially,… Go to Episode

101: How to Improve Your Cognitive Performance Part I – Make Your Brain Work Better

May 5th, 2019

Pretty much all of us has dealt with brain fog, or loss of words, or forgetfulness at some point in our lives. Oftentimes we attribute loss of brain function… Go to Episode

100: Dangers of Glyphosate

April 28th, 2019

Recently, due to large verdicts and mass media coverage, glyphosate has come under much-needed scrutiny. Glyphosate is the active ingredient in Roundup,… Go to Episode