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WEEKEND CHUBBY is our whimsical weekend show, XTRA is our special presentation show, TALKIES is our movie commentary show and THE SAUCE: H&P UNPLUGGED is our eclectic music talk show. Also features episodes of the WHAT YOU ASKED FOR SHOW, R.A.W. [RANDOM. ARGUMENTS. WITHIN], THE RUM RECORDINGS, WYAF XTRA and WYAF MOVIE COMMENTARIES.

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Title: Weekend Chubby Ep. 30 Chubby Endgame

Weekend Chubby Ep. 30 Chubby Endgame

April 27th, 2019

Where your Kurator and his co-presenter, Gosia, wrap up Gosia's MCU Challenge, review Avengers: Endgame, feature the album Water Planet by The Space Lords… Go to Episode

Talkies Ep. 14 Doctor Strange

April 21st, 2019

Where your Kurator and co-presenter, Gosia, commentate on this MCU mystical eye-candy whilst giving you some trivia tidbits, play a movie quiz and a drinking… Go to Episode

The Sauce: H&P Unplugged Ep. 2 The Viagogone

April 19th, 2019

Where your host, Gosia, and her co-presenter, Crez the Kurator, discuss famous musician birthdays, the Viagogo scandal, Captain America: Civil War movie… Go to Episode

Xtra Ep. 13 H&P 5 Gosia is ALIVE!

April 17th, 2019

Your Kurator co-presents on Three D Radio's Hush & Pandemonium hosted by IEP presenter, Gosia. Yes, Gosia! She's dropped the "Margs" moniker and it's … Go to Episode