Where's Warren Beatty When You Need Him?


The movie review podcast that revisits the last 50 movies to win Best Picture at The Academy Awards (from 1968-2018) and WE decide if they were worthy winners, OR should Warren Beatty appear at every Oscar night and give the award to a different film in the category that we think is better?
That's one of the reasons why Lisette, Philip, and Danny are doing this...plus they get to watch and bluntly discuss 50 of the best films of all time. (According to The Academy).
Part review, part movie club, the listener is strongly encouraged to watch the same movies we do before listening. It'll just make more sense.
This podcast follows 3 strict rules.
1. You must watch the movie with 24 hours of listening.(...or recording for us)
2. If you've seen the movie before, you must watch it again.
3. Our weekly special guest will reveal the next random winning movie from our own golden envelope.
It's a big ask to watch 50 films over 50 weeks but we humble 3, Danny your host, Lisette and Philip from Melbourne are prepared to take the challenge. Come join us, do the same, and let's rip some movies apart.


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WWBWYNH Summer Series Episode 3 Trancers

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Episode 50 Braveheart

May 6th, 2019

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