Why Everyone Should Be Involved In Podcasting


So, what is podcasting? I hear you ask. Well, for those who are unaware, podcasts is technically an audio or video file that can be downloaded from the Internet to a computer or portable media device. Aside from that part, podcasters, the people who make the podcast, find a topic they find interesting (travel, Disney, cooking, cars, etc.) and they produce content for the podcast based on there given subject. They then publish their podcasts on their website, buying a paper on iTunes, or somewhere else on the Internet.

Okay, so now that you are up to speed on what a podcast is, you are now asking me why you should listen to a podcast? Or, better yet, produce one?

You should listen because it becomes a community of like minded people who are all discussing the same topic. Most podcasters host their own website with a discussion forum where listeners can interact with each other and the podcasters themselves. Since the podcast deals with a given topic, such as travel, the discussion board on that website would encourage a community of travelers, and they could possibly trade tips of their best travel locations.

Also if you listen long enough, and the podcast is around long enough, you start to, strangely, see the podcasters as extended members of your family. I have been listening, for example, to the Dis Unplugged podcast, which talks about all aspects of Disney World here in Orlando. The members of this podcast, which I have been listening to for five years now, are part of my extended family. I have met them in person, and have heard about their lives and the joyousness and heartbreak that they go through I go through. It’s a weird sense of connection, I guess.

On the flip side, I also encourage people to produce podcasts themselves. They are free or cheap to produce (although you could chose to spend tons of money if you wished). There are many steps to start your own podcasting.. I’ll include links to some of the most helpful ones at the bottom of this article. All you really need int he end is a passion for something and a desire to share your desire with others. It’s basically that easy!

So, I encourage everyone to, in someway, whether it is as a listener or a producer, to get into podcasting. In the end, it will be well worth your time and I could think of a few less interesting ways to spend an hour or two a week or month. Hope to hear you will soon.

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