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I don't believe in 'random'. Everything happens for a reason - if a performer knows great fortune and success, has an outstanding stage presence, or creates an incredible feeling of connection for the audience - then there must be something s/he does or believes in order to achieve that effect. I created this podcast for us to explore exactly that - what is the behind-the-scenes wisdom that all of these performers have to make us go "WOW!"
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Having Faith with Muhammad Ali

Welcome to the 5th episode of the Wisdom of Wow Performers Podcast! This episode is of special importance to me, because it is with my favourite person ever that has been on this Earth - Muhammad Ali. In addition to being the inspiration for me and probably thousands of others to start boxing, he was a great showman, poet, magician, visionary, and singer - the Greatest indeed. I was going to meet Muhammad in March 2016 for the opening of the ‘I am the Greatest’ exhibition at the O2 in London, but unfortunately he didn’t make it, and passed away a few months later. This podcast episode is my way of living the dream of interviewing him, and showing my respect and deep gratitude for such a outstanding and inspirational human being. My hope is that you can get a sense of what motivated and inspired him, what his vision was, of why he became so famous (in his own words), and of just how much importance he placed on his faith in the Supreme Being. Enjoy :) You can also listen to it on my website: https://www.boyanm.com/wowp-podcast/ or on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/wisdom-of-wow-performers-podcast/id1231927422