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I don't believe in 'random'. Everything happens for a reason - if a performer knows great fortune and success, has an outstanding stage presence, or creates an incredible feeling of connection for the audience - then there must be something s/he does or believes in order to achieve that effect. I created this podcast for us to explore exactly that - what is the behind-the-scenes wisdom that all of these performers have to make us go "WOW!"
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Letting Go With Bart Soroczynski

Bart is a Canadian Performer who has a multitude of acting and circus-related skills, is fluent in several languages, and has worked in many different countries and famous places. I met him after seeing him perform in Oxford, just before the show La Strada came to one of the big theatres in London. I immediately saw Bart’s outstanding stage presence and wisdom, and I’m not the only one who has seen it. The Guardian portray him as "a unicycle-riding, accordion-playing antagonist with a great stage presence, both flighty and fatalistic". In this episode, we talk about his impressive background, the importance of letting go and being open, how he manages to consistently get work, and what he focuses on when he is on stage. Enjoy! :) Subscribe to my weekly newsletter @http://boyanm.com/ to be the first to know about the next WoWP Episode!