Access more freedom to fly your freak flag and boldly rule your world! The Wisdom Collective gives you tools to access more freedom and boldly rule your world while featuring other kick-ass entrepreneurs who tell me their deepest darkest secrets about the inner shit they had to face before they could fully show up, fly their freak flag and feel successful in their biz. Who is behind The Leah-Sphere? ME-- Leah Shapiro, a fun loving, tattooed, freak-flag-flying mermaid who helps bold,creative entrepreneurs access more freedom, fly their freak flag and boldly rule their world. One of the things I love best is talking with other kick-ass people about freedom, freak flag flying and living a freaking fabulous life. These conversations are pure magic in their ability to invoke clarity, teach a thing or two and and make me giggle with delight. So I created The Wisdom Collective. An ongoing podcast filled with amazing people who want to share their wisdom with you! Join my love list and take the quiz to learn if your freak flag is flying high or you could use a bit of help unleashing yourself. http://leahshapiro.com/the-fly-your-freak-flag-quiz/

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Title: 5-Things - That - Prevent - You - From - Having - What - You - Want

30 Days Of Yum

May 6th, 2014

This weeks podcast is juicy!! Especially if you struggle with loving/appreciating yourself, seeing your awesomeness or worry that focusing on your own… Go to Episode

5-Things - That - Prevent - You - From - Having - What - You - Want

March 25th, 2014

I identify the top 5 obstacles that prevent you from Ruling Your World & how to start HAVING what you want, right NOW. I'll cover: ~The biggest reason… Go to Episode