Work On Your Game: Be More Disciplined, Build Confidence, Overcome Setbacks and build Mental Toughness For Business, Sports &


[Contact: [email protected]] What exactly is a Bulletproof Mindset? It's Mental Toughness. Self-Discipline. And more Confidence than you ever dreamed of having. The Work On Your Game Podcast delivers on all this and more on a DAILY basis.

What could you *not* do with an extra-heavy dose of Confidence and Initiative? How much longer do you want to wait to Get Noticed and appreciated? How do you deal with those tough days, negative people, and mental viruses that keep popping up when you least need them?

Dre Baldwin is here to help.

Drawing on his 9-year professional basketball career, 10+ years building his own personal brand which includes 5,500 YouTube videos 12 books, 3 TED Talks, a coaching & consultancy, and deep knowledge of the Mental Game and Confidence, Dre, or "DreAllDay" as they know him, delivers this knowledge to you on this daily show!

Dre 'DreAllDay' Baldwin is Professional Basketball Player turned Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Business Coach & Consultant from Philadelphia, PA who now lives in Miami, FL. Dre's Work On Your Game podcast -- named after his brand name -- covers Mindset, Selling and Branding Yourself, and Making Things happen in your life.


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Title: #1169: Confidence Is Currency

#1169: Confidence Is Currency

July 25th, 2019

Your level of self-belief will open doors and get things done for you that wouldn’t be opened any other way. Today I will explain how and why. The Work… Go to Episode

#1168: How To Ignore The Talk When It's Time To Perform

July 24th, 2019

When you’re performing, you don’t need to be thinking about anything; you’ve already done the prep work and you know what needs to happen. But what… Go to Episode

#1167: How To Help Someone Who Doesn't Want To Hear It

July 23rd, 2019

I actually got this question from someone on LinkedIn and thought it was a good topic, since many of us — on a journey of self-discovery and development… Go to Episode

#1166: You Are Inferior To NO ONE

July 22nd, 2019

There are lots of people out there trying to get seen and paid attention to these days. Some of them may be doing a better job of it than you are —… Go to Episode