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Writers & Authors on Fire is the podcast and website to inspire and ignite your writing. You’ll hear interviews with writers, authors, editors, agents, and publishers; monologues about writing and the craft of writing; tips on writing and how to get the most out of writers conferences; updates on the ever-changing publishing world; book reviews; reviews of writing tools; and more. Our aim is to inspire you to keep on writing, to master the submission process, and get your writing published.

The podcast episodes of writers and authors will feature an in-depth section of their writing journey, motivators, challenges and successes, goals, learnings, and genre specify questions; and a lighter section highlighting their writing process. Episodes with editors, agents, and publishers will feature questions and material specific to their roles in writing and publishing. Each show will feature a "show notes" page with key highlights of the interview, links to their website and books, and more.

The goal of the podcast is for you to listen, learn, be inspired, and then write.


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017: Karen Whiting Interview

Karen Whiting, a successful author to boys and girls, and moms and parents, never wanted to be a writer. Her story on how she discovered her calling to write will amaze you. Here's the link to the Show Notes for Karen's Interview.

She just turned in her 21st book manuscript and she’s also written more then 600 articles! Karen shares the importance of writers having a tag line to guide their writing and that they can become known by. You’ll enjoy hearing her process of pitching ideas at conferences and how many she balances at any one time. Karen shares her experiences of working with a multiple publishing houses and how small houses can be great partners, and describes her thoughts when choosing a publishing house for her works. She walks listeners through her process of choosing a book subject to write, research, capture information for each book, and then working through the proposal. Some of Karen’s books are coauthored and she describes that process. Karen is a very focused full-time writer able to balance multiple writing projects at the same time.