Year of Steam


Three people talk about working through their considerable Steam account backlog. New episodes roughly every fortnight.


Year of Steam navigateright Episode

Year of Steam, Year_2, Episode_24

Here it is, the last regular show of the year.


The premise is simple: we have too many games in our Steam profiles that go unplayed. To remedy this, we’ve decided to play 2 random games from our profiles then come together to discuss them.  With a show every fortnight, that’s 4 games a person per month that we’re going to experience and report back on. Should be good times.


This episode we cover: Enemy Mind, System Shock: Enhanced Edition, System Shock 2, F.3.A.R., YouTuber’s Life, RWBY Grimm Eclipse, Absent, and Burstfire.


Next time we’ll talk about: Best of the past year!


The hosts of Year of Steam:

Lorin Grieve, @xavierfoxshandi