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YBFG 002 - Dave Thomas - What you can learn from a Memory World Record Holder

Show Notes

In This Episode…

Since 1994, at the age of 26, David Thomas has had a meteoric rise to international prominence, coming 4th in the 1996 World Memory Championships and 3rd in 1997. He also became only the fifth person in the world ever to achieve the current criteria to become an International Grandmaster of Memory. In 1998 he broke a Guinness Book of Records® memory record that had stood for 18 years. He recited from memory the mathematical formula Pi to 22,500 digits and many more challenges.

Davids background is highly unusual for this area and rich in variation. His life story about how he went from academic failure at school through ten years as a firefighter to become an international memory man is, in itself, truly amazing and inspirational. It is this variety and straightforward, down to earth approach which makes David such an effective and dynamic speaker. David has spoken to over 10,000 people in 12 countries around the world. His audiences have included CEOs, Olympic athletes, Association staff, Government ministers, actors and even blind business people.

The Golden Sugar Lump -

Success is about systems, practice, technique or  application it is not about background intelligence, intellect, education or any other socio economic background

Best advice – Small, Regular and Grande

  • Are you happy where you are

  • What income do you want

  • What’s the best process to get you there

Tips Jar – Must do action

Find someone who is awesome and learn from them

Coffee Shop Book Shelf

  • The Chimp Paradox – Professor Steve Peters –

  • The Mind Map Book – Tony Buzan

  • How to develop a perfect memory – Dominic O’Brien.

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