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Your B F G - purpose – Why has this Podcast been created?
# To educate, support and inspire micro business owners to grow their business and themselves through the accountability and delivery of high quality training and development that is accessible, affordable and useable to the busy entrepreneur.
# To give entrepreneurs access to experts that otherwise they could not afford to hire and reduce that feeling of loneliness and solitude felt by many micro businesses.
# To provide timely, appropriate and manageable content that can be accessed when it is convenient for them.
Who are the team behind the Your BFG Podcast - Mike Pagan, David Hyner, Leon Streete


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YBFG 004 - Michael Dodd - Blow Torch on the belly questions!?

Show Notes

In This Episode… Blow Torch on the belly questions!?

Today’s guest Michael Dodd helps people become inspirational business communicators, give great answers to tough business questions, give wow presentations with confidence, impact and pizzazz and give highly impressive media interviews.


He’s a professional speaker from Australia, but like so many Aussies runs his business from London. Has worked on six continents – with Antarctica still to come he even helps United Nations officials deal with the world’s media.

The Golden Sugar Lump -

“Everything is learnable, you can always improve”.

Best advice – Small, Regular and Grande

  • PPP – Plan – Prepare – Practice –

  • Always add a positive to a negative when being interviewed

  • Never ignore or avoid the question

Tips Jar

When communicating give them the baby not the labour pains

Coffee Shop Book Shelf

  • Time to get started – Mark Fritz

  • Fabulous Impact – Nikki Roscoe

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Twitter – Michaeldodd111
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