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# To educate, support and inspire micro business owners to grow their business and themselves through the accountability and delivery of high quality training and development that is accessible, affordable and useable to the busy entrepreneur.
# To give entrepreneurs access to experts that otherwise they could not afford to hire and reduce that feeling of loneliness and solitude felt by many micro businesses.
# To provide timely, appropriate and manageable content that can be accessed when it is convenient for them.
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YBFG 065 - Mindy Gibbins Klein - Thought Leadership or Thoughtful Leadership?

Show Notes

In This Episode? From Barrister to Running Author

Mindy Gibbins-Klein is a multi-award-winning international speaker, bestselling author and executive coach and strategist specialising in thought leadership and thoughtful leadership.
She is best known as Founder of The Book Midwife – a global book coaching brand that has helped over one thousand entrepreneurs to plan, write and publish their books!
However, Mindy believes that a book is not the entire story!  Too many people write books without having a thought leadership strategy, and in some cases without having out enough thought or the right kind of thought into it!

Mindy believes that these days entrepreneurs need to dig deep and bring out something truly special, which can be expressed in their writing and speaking.  The art of thoughtful leadership can be utterly transformational for all concerned.



The Golden Sugar Lump -

  • Thought Bites – If you want people to speaking and writing about you then you need to be speaking and writing

Best advice ? Small, Regular and Grande

  • Small – Do the small things all of the time, Little actions that stand out
  • Regular – Work with only the people that you really want to work with
  • Grande – Where do you really want to take your business

Tips Jar

  • Give yourself a pat on the back – Celebrate and acknowledge what you have already done

Coffee Shop Book Shelf / Resources

  • The Seven Habits of highly effective people – Steven Covey
  • 24 Carat Bold – Mindy Gibbins-Klein
  • The Thoughtful Leader Mindy Gibbins-Klein
  • Living the Seven Habits – Steven Covey

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