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Your B F G - purpose – Why has this Podcast been created?
# To educate, support and inspire micro business owners to grow their business and themselves through the accountability and delivery of high quality training and development that is accessible, affordable and useable to the busy entrepreneur.
# To give entrepreneurs access to experts that otherwise they could not afford to hire and reduce that feeling of loneliness and solitude felt by many micro businesses.
# To provide timely, appropriate and manageable content that can be accessed when it is convenient for them.
Who are the team behind the Your BFG Podcast - Mike Pagan, David Hyner, Leon Streete


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YBFG 066 - Joy Marsden - Keep on Stepping

Show Notes

In This Episode? Keep on Stepping

‘The Self-Success Speaker’, helping Leaders, leadership teams and their employees to increase their effectiveness in the workplace.

Joy created the ‘Keep Stepping!®’ Programme following 20+ years of business experience in the fields of marketing and trade relations management with the Dolmio and Uncle Bens brands, area sales management with Avon Cosmetics, design in the textile industry, customer service at Next PLC as well as management training. Her knowledge and skill take on a broader spectrum when taking into account her 30+ years of working with and leading teams of musicians and singers to produce top notch productions within the local community in which she lives. In short, Joy knows how to bring out the best in the people she works with



The Golden Sugar Lump -

  • Every Good Gift is given for two reasons – the improvement of ourselves and the improvement of others

Best advice ? Small, Regular and Grande

  • Small – Be Objective (Take stock)
  • Regular – Be persistent (Keep Stepping)
  • Grande – Be prepared (self). The heart for what lies ahead, integrity to prepare your future

Tips Jar

  • Be optimistic – hold a big vision for yourself, your family and the people you work with

Coffee Shop Book Shelf / Resources

  • As a man thinketh – James Allen / Earl Nightingale
  • The Bible
  • How to stop worrying and start living – Dale Carnegie
  • Keep on Stepping – Joy Marsden

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