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Your B F G - purpose – Why has this Podcast been created?
# To educate, support and inspire micro business owners to grow their business and themselves through the accountability and delivery of high quality training and development that is accessible, affordable and useable to the busy entrepreneur.
# To give entrepreneurs access to experts that otherwise they could not afford to hire and reduce that feeling of loneliness and solitude felt by many micro businesses.
# To provide timely, appropriate and manageable content that can be accessed when it is convenient for them.
Who are the team behind the Your BFG Podcast - Mike Pagan, David Hyner, Leon Streete


Your Business Focus Group navigateright Episode

YBFG 067 - Roundup Show - Episodes 41-51

Show Notes

In This Episode… Roundup from your hosts… David, Mike & Leon – on episodes 41 – 51

This round up podcast takes you through the highlights of interviewing some amazing guests, the learnings taken from episode 41 to 51. Your hosts Dave, Mike and Leon give a very humourous and honest insight into how its been and the memorable moments.

Listen in and please link back to the podcasts that you haven’t heard before or review the ones you have listened to before and want to now listen to again – the links are all here for you to use – making life easy.