The podcast, the videos, the people, the content, the marketing, the movement will be raw, unedited, authentic and will move, flow, adapt, evolve and grow into a living and breathing business monster.

We will interview key business players about their ideas, their business, their philosophies, their lives and bring that together creating a blue print for the future leaders follow.

As the blueprint grows we will take a fledgeling big idea and document the process, the blood, the guts , the highs the lows and every ounce what it takes to make a business in the current economy with the tools of today our society has to hand.

This is business monster, creating a movement to to improve the business world.


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Episode 8 Turning Dreams Into Reality

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In this episode we are interviewing our second guest of the podcast and welcome mr Sean Hughes onto the show!   Sean is a resident DJ's for the global brand Cream and more recently has spent the last few seasons in Ibiza playing at the mighty Ushuaia Beach Club.  

From our perspective standing in front of 15,000 people and banging it out on the Creamfields main stage pretty much speaks for itself sucess wise !

The topic of the interview was how to turn your dream into reality.  We won't give away too much in these show notes but Sean's experienced some pretty humbling experiences on his journey  For us the message was clear,  your belief to attain the goal must be strong,  you must be willing to do whatever it takes to overcome the inevitable obstacles that WILL present themselves.

A great message for anyone whos getting to the top of your game is to remain humble and help others, the best way to help you achieve your dreams is to assist other with theirs.   Full shownotes and Blog over on Medium & Your Business website 

You can catch Sean this summer back out in Ibiza Playing at Cream & Ushuaia as well as some up and coming projects we will keep you posted on !

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