You're Not There Yet


"You're not there yet..."
This is a phrase that echos in my mind. Have you ever been subject to someone else's limitations?
How about told you need to "do this or that" in regards to getting "ready?"
What is "ready" anyway? Ready for what? I mean if we all sat around waiting until we were "ready" for "it" we'd still be sitting in dark caves chewing on rats... but I digress.
Join me weekly as we tackle the Mindset it takes to get out of our own way and stop waiting for "ready!"


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Title: 26 M.O.E. - DO NOT LISTEN if you're easliy offended: Incite What's Right!

26 M.O.E. - DO NOT LISTEN if you're easliy offended: Incite What's Right!

February 18th, 2019

Social media is the perfect grounds for social experiments. However the best ones come from the most unexpected posts. There I was in the gym, finishing… Go to Episode

25 M.O.E. - Emotions: Are They Fueling Your Journey, Or Burning It Down?

February 12th, 2019

Emotions- They can be the best fuel in your journey, but they can also burn everything down. Through these episodes my mission is to show the grit behind… Go to Episode

24 M.O.E. - My Mortality Lesson That Changed My Life

February 7th, 2019

This isn't easy to talk about, but it's a whole helluva lot easier than it used to be. 7 years ago this month I lost my Father to Cancer... He died nearly… Go to Episode

Quick Hit From 10X Growth Con... Let's Talk "Enough"

February 2nd, 2019

What are YOU doing to BOOM YOURSELF, YOUR LIFE, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR BUSINESS?? I’m sure you have a plan... but ask yourself: Is it “Enough”? If you… Go to Episode