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Live life with energy, vitality and motivation. Hosted by TV presenter and author Tony Wrighton, this podcast delves into living with zest and purpose with some great guests; best-selling authors, genius scientists, meditation experts, sports stars, health inspirers, cutting-edge nutritionists, entrepreneurs, film directors, sports psychologists, gifted motivators (the ones who actually know what they’re talking about, rather than wear sharp suits and spout nonsense) and a hand-picked selection of inspiring people from all around the world. He often simply rolls up his sleeves and gets on with trying out the latest techniques for energy and vitality himself.

Tony is a Sky Sports presenter and host of top-rated podcast Zestology too. And it’s personal to him. He was struck down by a virus a few years ago while on holiday in the jungle in the middle of nowhere. He ended up having three months off work, and basically in bed. The doctors said it might be glandular fever, but they didn't really know. It was a scary time, and since then he has really focused on his health and energy as he slowly fought back to full health. Now he feels great, and Zestology is his search to find some answers for you, to help you live with energy, vitality and motivation.

Zestology: Live Life with Energy, Vitality, Motivation, Health, Confidence, Great Sleep, Biohacking and more navigateright Episode

5 secrets of better sleep with leading sleep recovery coach Nick Littlehales #29

Sleep is one of the key elements of better energy, vitality and motivation. Time and again it’s come up on Zestology podcast as a really important element of feeling great and performing at your very best. But somehow getting good, deep sleep is easier said than done.

Nick Littlehales he is a leading figure in the field of sleep, especially with sports stars having worked with top football clubs, such as Manchester United, Chelsea, and Real Madrid, the England’s national side and a host of Olympians and tour de france winners.

The Guardian recently called him "The man who showed Cristiano Ronaldo how to sleep", and that's when I first heard about him. I now realise what a big deal he is in the world of sport, and sleep, so I'm chuffed he agreed to come on Zestology.

As the Guardian said, "Sleep coaches exist, although the only surprising thing about that is that it took so long for such a job to be taken seriously in the world of sport". 

FOOTNOTE: The night after I interviewed Nick Littlehales, I implemented just two of the changes he recommended, and - according to my jawbone wristband - I had the deepest night's sleep I've ever had (almost 4 hours 30 of deep sleep). 

Zestology is all about living with energy, vitality and motivation, and today's show features perhaps the top expert worldwide in the area of sleep and sport. Listen on for how he can help you.

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