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Live life with energy, vitality and motivation. Hosted by TV presenter and author Tony Wrighton, this podcast delves into living with zest and purpose with some great guests; best-selling authors, genius scientists, meditation experts, sports stars, health inspirers, cutting-edge nutritionists, entrepreneurs, film directors, sports psychologists, gifted motivators (the ones who actually know what they’re talking about, rather than wear sharp suits and spout nonsense) and a hand-picked selection of inspiring people from all around the world. He often simply rolls up his sleeves and gets on with trying out the latest techniques for energy and vitality himself.

Tony is a Sky Sports presenter and host of top-rated podcast Zestology too. And it’s personal to him. He was struck down by a virus a few years ago while on holiday in the jungle in the middle of nowhere. He ended up having three months off work, and basically in bed. The doctors said it might be glandular fever, but they didn't really know. It was a scary time, and since then he has really focused on his health and energy as he slowly fought back to full health. Now he feels great, and Zestology is his search to find some answers for you, to help you live with energy, vitality and motivation.

Zestology: Live Life with Energy, Vitality, Motivation, Health, Confidence, Great Sleep, Biohacking and more navigateright Episode

8 need to know nutrition facts with celebrity nutritionist and world-famous soprano Rhiannon Lambert #31

  • Should you go low fat or high fat?

  • Are protein shakes good for you?

  • Is being vegetarian and vegan healthier?

The answers to these questions and many more coming up today - on a need to know basis.

Rhiannon Lambert has an amazing story, and was an excellent guest to interview.

At the age of 16 she was plucked from obscurity to become one of the UK’s leading sopranos. Catapulted into a glamorous world, she became famous for her voice. She’d made a hugely successful career for herself, but behind the scenes, was struggling with the pressure.

She tells this story today on Zestology, and how she started to get involved in nutrition, healthy eating and wellbeing.

She now still sings all around the world - in fact as you’ll hear she’s singing at the Rugby World Cup this week - and combines that with a successful career in nutrition. Her online blogs and social media sites are hugely popular, she works as a nutritional consultant from two different clinics on Harley Street, with olympic athletes, celebrities, NHS hospitals and specialises in eating disorders as well.

She is - in short - busy.

Rhiannon is an awesome Zestology guest. In today’s show we start with Rhiannon’s story, and then move onto the 8 need to know nutrition facts. This podcast truly is about the dramatic impact healthy eating can have on performance at the highest level.

When you listen you'll hear:

  • The Singing Nutritionist [3:30]

  • Struggling with the pressure of a career in the public eye [6:30]

  • Finding something that works for you [12:18]

  • 8 Need-to-know food facts [15:00]

  • Should you eat low fat? [16:30]

  • Sugar as a “wrinkle monster” [19:10]

  • Altering our definition of carbohydrates [22:15]

  • Fresh vs Frozen [24:27]

  • Finding balance [26:00]

  • Confusing hunger with thirst [28:15]

  • Choosing a protein powder [29:10]

  • Using Echinacea [33:30]

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