ZNY (Zedalza New York)


It’s the show that gave birth to a network. Zedalza New York is the Executive Lounge, open-forum, super show that puts the human experience on a pedestal. ZNY has been dedicated to offering brutally honest commentary on music, film, social issues, and the personal lives of its hosts, since 2006. Combined with the ability to conduct intimate interviews, while puffing on the sweet nectar of a well-packed Hookah, ZNY is a symphony of chill.


ZNY (Zedalza New York) navigateright Episode

'A Great, Short, Show' 8/23/16

Embarrassing ex-lover memories, long break-up phases, and mix tapes. Onto memories of New Years Eve parties throughout the years and Mike's very unstable style of DJing. Our good buddy Dan joins us for the broadcast and brings up a scene from Alpha Dog that he wanted us to listen to. Then we move on to Disney's latest technological breakthrough: Real Lightsabers? Enjoy!