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Zulu King EL, is a long time member and leader of the Zulu Nation, He has a great passion for knowledge, hip hop history and NYC street organizations history, el has spoken at countless meetings and conferences in relation to hip hop and the Zulu culture as well as social issues such as the dangers of gangs, street life, violence and self help. Zulu King EL's life long goal is to impact young adults where they can take his powerful message and use it to improve their current position in life. Hip Hop is a a great tool to use when building character, it also bridges the gap between generations. Hip Hop is universal and the message can relate to all. With Zulu King EL's Podcast you will gain a sense of what the Zulu Nation means to so many Hip Hop heads and street youth that have went on to reach success in life due to the lessons they learned through hip hop music and culture.


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