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Being Creative (in Times Like These) is a story-based podcast that explores the value and process of learning to think and act creatively in times of change for the purpose of unlocking the doors to a successful career and exciting life. RSS Feed URL

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Living The Creative Life & Doing More With Less (When you’re not willing to wait until you win the lottery)

We all have things we’d love to do, places we’d love to see, experiences we’d love to have...maybe jobs we’d love to work at or passions we’d love to pursue...a lot of people call them dreams. But they use the word ‘dreams’ in a way that means fantasy, naivete, being unrealistic or irresponsible. They often qualify their dreams by saying something like, ‘when I win the lottery, then I’ll do blah, blah, blah…’

It’s weird if you think about it. They’ve identified the thing they are passionate about. The thing that really motivates them and gets them excited, preoccupies them in their idle moments and keeps them awake at night...and yet, they dismiss it as being unrealistic or irresponsible.

In this episode of Being Creative, we take the time to talk about the Big Obstacle to making your dream your reality.