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The Value of Time, with Kirk Spencer - Thoughts for Growth: S01 E09

K WAVe 6 Radio

This week has been a bit strange and difficult for me because here in México, we change our clocks in and out of “Daylight Savings Time” on different weekends than…

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation

Bloodbath and Beyond

Here it is boys and girls, the grand finale to the epic retrospective of cannibals and gardening tools. 

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Who are ISIS anyway?

Layman Shamans

This episode my guest brings his unique perspective on the ISIS situation, shares with me his understanding of the recent history of the middle east, and we go on to…

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Leprechaun: In the Hood - A Podcast Preview

Now Playing Presents: The Complete Philip K Dick Retrospective Series

?The Leprechaun has always had one foot in horror, the other in comedy. With his fifth film, Leprechaun: In the Hood the series focuses far more on the comedic side…

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Episode 006 - The Saw Franchise


Marc and Alex review and discuss the Saw franchise.  Listen as the talk about the good and the body of each movie and the series as a whole.

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