This podcast is a relaxed space for me to dish out some good talks on a whole bunch of dorky topics. You like movie reviews? I do 'em! You thoroughly enjoy comics? Well so do I! Whether you want to hear my take on something, throwing around some original ideas, or just listen to like-minded folks with similar interests, you're in the right place.

I've always had an appreciation for ASMR videos, being a person who's had a hard time falling asleep for the last 15 years. And my intention was never to create a channel playing it up, but I've been told by a lot of people that in person/in episode my voice has an ASMR-ish quality to it. So why not, feel free to get as many tingles as you can while you're here. All my videos are pretty low energy and devoid of background noises, so that's a plus.

Also I'm genuinely happy to hear suggestions and ideas, so if you have something you want covered let's hear it! I like discovering new and weird stuff. So if there's a comic from 1983 that you don't think enough people are talking about, shout it out. Or if you're unhappy that no one is reviewing the latest HeroClix set, let's change that (small crowd for that one).

Hopefully you like what you hear, and I'll do my best to make content that doesn't suck. I do all my recordings in one, earnest sitting, without any kind of fancy editing. Or editing at all. So at the very least, I can say it's authentic. Enjoy guys!

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Title: Out in the cold with Avengers Endgame

Out in the cold with Avengers Endgame

December 11th, 2018

Okay I wasn't in the cold BECAUSE of Endgame, but that title sounded nice. Today I took things to nature to do another outdoor recording, so apologies… Go to Episode

World War 2, but with Wizardry

December 11th, 2018

Here's one I only narrowly decided not to delete. A few months ago I was really sick with a cold/flu situation. So after overdosing on preventive drugs,… Go to Episode

Breakfast Special: Avengers 4 Trailer and Fortnite Season 7

December 7th, 2018

Good morning folks! This is the earliest recording time I've done (we're talking 6AM) so enjoy it, and yes, that's why I'm calling it a breakfast special.… Go to Episode

The one where he finds out he's a dad

December 2nd, 2018

Well the title says it all. To be honest, I've known for a little while but figured I'd sync it up to when we announced to the masses. So yeah, mazels… Go to Episode