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Goddammit! Industries

Goddammit! Industries

snack foods and weird dudes [and ladies]!

Category: Comedy

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Goddammit! Industries - a strange and misguided podcasting endeavor since the year 2011. home of: Eatin' It With Beatnik - universally acclaimed snack-master Beatnik takes us through the vast world of food; How Can You Live With Yourself? - a fun-filled and semi-weekly-esque chat with Matt Collins and friends; Ms. Barker's Honorific Podcast - a humorously intelligent chat between Rebecca Barker and Matt Collins!; and The Applebox - an in-depth look at the world of movies presented by Alaska Filmmakers!

Tags: ads, alaska, alaskan, alice, anchorage, awe, barker, barkers, beatnik, bits, bmoney, brainstorming, brandon, can, chat, chats, chatting, chitchat, collins, comedians, comedy, commercials, d, delicious, devilsmile, doughboy, eatin, eating, eats, fake, fellas, food, fun, gd, gdamnpcast, gdi, general, goddammit, good, greg, hcylwy, hilarity, honorific, how, ideas, industries, internet, it, jnmmjs, john, joke, jokes, joking, justin, ladies, live, make, matt, ms, munchies, norris, odd, p, people, podcast, podcasting, podcasts, radio, rebar, rebecca, rowland, sandy, savory, sketch, skits, snacks, spots, standup, stevo, strange, sweet, sweets, talk, talking, the, times, to, weird, weirdos, with, workshop, workshopping, workshops, writing, you, yourself

Goddammit! Industries Episodes

How Can You Live With Yourself? - Episode 14 "High Science: Part 1"

Published: 09/14/13

Matt and his pals have returned with a summertime 2-parter just in time for fall! hear what happens when the guys get totally baked before recording! Anchorage comedian Matt Burgoon…

Eatin' It With Beatnik - Episode 25 "Mobile Snacking"

Published: 09/08/13

Beatnik and stevo review snacks suitable for road trips on today's Eatin' It! the guys chat about Beatnik's island dreams, do a little bit of Bane voice, and celebrate the…

Susan Boyle's Horror Story Nitecast - Episode 5 "The Villagers"

Published: 09/05/13

thrilling chills await as world-famous singing superstar Susan Boyle and the otherworldly Ghost of Susan Boyle serve up another spooktacular tale from beyond the grave!

Eatin' It With Beatnik - Episode 24 "Drinkin' It, Part 2: BeveRAGE"

Published: 08/31/13

sexy friend-man David Sanders leaves Matt, stevo, and Beatnik to finish the last of the libations on part 2 of the Eatin' It With Beatnik "drinksperiment"! part 2's drinks include:…

Eatin' It With Beatnik - Episode 23 "Drinkin' It With Beatnik, Part 1: One Dollar Can"

Published: 08/26/13

its all about beverages on today's extra-special 2-part Eatin' It! theme song composer and friendliest friend-man David "Sandy D" Sanders joins the show, along with comedian and How Can You…

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