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Hundred Down

Hundred Down

One man's journey to lose 100 lbs.

Category: Health

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My name is Pat Dryburgh, and I'm fat. For the past few years, I have weight upwards of 280-290 lbs. My goal is to lose 100 lbs, but I can't do it alone. I'm joined by my friends Bill and Edward, both of whom have successfully lost weight and maintained their new weight by eating a Paleo diet. Each week, we'll discuss my journey on Paleo, learning new tips but also exploring some of the deeper issues surrounding such a substantial life change.

Tags: paleo, diet, weight, loss, pat, dryburgh, bill, deys, edward, platero

Hundred Down Episodes

Episode 14 - Disjointed Thoughts

Published: 04/22/13

This week the guys talk about some of the deeper changes they've been making in their lives. Show Notes Hundred Down on Facebook Hundred Down on iTunes

Episode 11 - Are You With Me?

Published: 03/26/13

This was a really rough week for me, personally. My sleep was messed up, which means my focus and mindfulness in other areas of my life were also very messed…

Episode 10 - Go Get Your Gear

Published: 03/21/13

Double digits! We've made it! This week, the guys catch up on old goals, new plans, and getting back on track. Be sure to join us this Sunday for #steaksundayhd!…

Episode 9 - I Ate Candy!

Published: 03/16/13

CANDY! This week, the three tenors discuss getting past the plateau, the power of half an hour, and CANDY! ps. Be on the look out for #steaksundayhd on Twitter and…

Episode 8 - I Work Out

Published: 03/08/13

Finally, Pat gets off his ass and does something. Show Notes Fat Bill Sexy Bill Bill Killin' It Pat's First Fitness Post Inception Bacon Lights & Motion - Reanimation Hundred…

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