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The Level 857 - Video Game Podcast is a video game podcast produced by Kevin (Turbo857), Eric (The 23rd Stallion), Jason (Stikz), Alvin (ALG857), and Eric (Big Choco), aka, the artistically creative, charismatic, diehard gaming veterans of 857 Entertainment (857ent.com). Watch, listen and learn as you bear witness to their witty, unfiltered commentary while they share thoughts on today's gaming trends, industry developments, and excitement for current/upcoming releases!

The format for this podcast begins with the hosts sharing thoughts on the games they're currently playing, then transition into brief discussions about recent news stories and finally close with an in-depth discussion of the main podcast topic.

Equipped with a vast knowledge of gaming history beginning from before the 8-bit Nintendo and Sega wars all the way'til the present, the Level 857 Video Game Podcast promises to provide interesting, informative and unpredictable entertainment!

Podcasts stream live on Twitch, Wednesdays biweekly at 8pm (EST) and are released on YouTube, Mondays, biweekly at 5pm (EST). Audio podcasts are released on Sundays biweekly. Subscribe to the services below for updates.

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Nintendo Acct: Turbo857
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PSN: Tur-bo857

Nintendo Acct: Stikz
Xbox Live: Stikz
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Nintendo Acct: 23rdStal
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Nintendo Acct: alg857
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