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E15 Garry Shandling

We interview our mom about her personal Garry Shandling story after we watched the Judd Apatow documentary The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling. The story leads to our dads history
as a football player who went from the University of Arizona to the New York
Jets to the New England Patriots in the 1970s. Our mom tells the story of
their relationship and gives her feelings on our dads motivations and struggles. By our final discussion we end
up seeing a lot of parallels between Garry Shandling and our father who also went into the entertainment industry. Weens shares her thoughts on acting, achievement and self sabotage. It's another episode to
get to know us and our family. This is us,
folks. We are being ourselves, and we hope you gain something from it too. Music is Palmetto Bug Stomp written by Weens performed by Angelo Moore. Connect with us at [email protected]