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The Nerd Face Podcast is a podcast by a group of like minded friends, gamers and youtubers. We love to just chat shit with each other and talk about the latest games we've been playing.

Each week we will gather with either the core group or any of the many friends who like to come and hang out with us, and you should too! Every podcast is recorded via skype video chat or on special occasions in person. We want to make everyone feel like their apart of our group and share the good times. In the future we may begin live streaming the podcast as well, but at the moment individual schedules make it hard to have it at the same time every week. RSS Feed URL

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The 5th Ninja Turtle John Cena


In this episode Carl, Dom and Josh bring us the week of gaming news and the 5th Ninja Turtle, then joined by Mark Howie to talk about their week of gaming, this week they discuss Metal Gear Solid V,  John Cena, Destiny (again), Rare Replay, Ride and The Game Changers BBC DocuDrama on RockStar Games and Grand Theft Auto