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Origin Of Feces

Origin Of Feces

Death, Thrash And Black Metal

Category: Music

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Extreme metal show, the worst produced in the world, by DJ Tesla and DJ Alligator. Black, Death, and Thrash Metal. Explicit content galore.

Origin Of Feces Episodes


Published: 09/03/13

DownloadHosts:DJs Alligator and TeslaSetlist:M.A.D. - Cryptic Slaughter (Convicted) 01:24Hand The Pope - Nuclear Assault (Game Over/The Plague) 00:45Mission Statement - Birth A.D. (I Blame You) 01:37I Blame You - Birth…

Ep.3 - Your 12 foot dildo

Published: 08/29/13

DownloadHosts:DJ Alligator, DJ TeslaSetlist:Weeping In Heaven - Havohej (Dethrone the Son of God) 2:10Morklagt Sti - Ildjarn (Det Frysende Nordariket) 3:44Whispering Breeze - Ildjarn (Forest Poetry) 2:34Bestial Summoning - Groteque…

Ep.4 - Death Metal Extravaganza

Published: 08/29/13

DownloadHosts:DJ Alligator, DJ TeslaSetlistGolgotha - Incantation -  (Onwards to Golgotha) 3:29Brains - Atheist (Unquestionable Presence) 3:41Jesus Wept - Suffocation (Effigy of the Forgotten) 3:42Imprecation - Satanae Tenebris InfinitaRancid Blood On…

Ep.1 - Primitive Origins

Published: 08/09/13

DownloadHosts:DJ Tesla, DJ AlligatorSetlist:The Red in the Sky is Ours - At the Gates (The Red in the Sky)             4:41When the Sun Drank the Weight of Water…


Published: 08/09/13


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