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Sounds and Words, A Podcast with a Difference explores the somewhat crowded intersection of the arts and faith, but it aims to take frequent detours across new and largely unexplored neighboring areas of interest. Created by author Karl Erickson who joined the Catholic Church with his wife and children in 2015, the podcast delves into many areas of great interest to today's Catholic community--as well as those still spiritually searching. One week, for instance, it may focus on a visit to Rome or London, while the next show may explore the meaning of sacred space or even take a hard look at the current political environment. Topics will vary across these general themes. Listeners may also share their preferences with the podcaster through e-mail or social media contacts. Expect new podcasts to be shared every several weeks, or so. The length will be an average of twenty minutes until the show gains a following.

If you are looking for fresh and timely content that remains largely timeless in its explorations, then you need look no further than "Sounds and Words." RSS Feed URL

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Title: A Conversation with Author & Retired Seattle Police Commander Neil Low

A Conversation with Author & Retired Seattle Police Commander Neil Low

May 20th, 2019

This wide-ranging conversation explores Neil's books and his unique approach to writing.  It also reveals some of the elements of his newest mystery… Go to Episode

Castel Sant Angelo, Rome

April 28th, 2019

This edition of Sounds and Words explores Rome's Castel Sant Angelo, one of the many wonders of Rome.  (Please visit and… Go to Episode

This Present Darkness: Six Lessons

April 15th, 2019

How can we look at the current crisis within the Catholic Church (as Catholics) without losing our minds?  Six approaches are suggested for understanding… Go to Episode

Forgotten Mass Etiquette

April 15th, 2019

Could our collective behavior in Mass be any more casual or less respectful?  What does posture and attitude have to do with Mass?  Hint: it… Go to Episode