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Episode 14: Animation In Games ( or "It's Super Effective")

This week we turn our sights on the world of videogames for the first time. Animation is a big part of games and the two industries are closely connected so we feel it's completely within AFA's area. Besides, even if games aren't your thing we still covered a lot of the usual animation news and discussed some things we've been watching lately before we even touch on gaming. Join Chris, Rachael, Yvonne and Dan for another packed show!

Topics this week include the developments from New York Comic Con (including the Tiger and Bunny Movie and the Adventure Time Spin-off) plus the latest from Disney and Pixar. On the gaming side we talk Virtual Reality, Until Dawn and Telltale's Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and Fables games. Our supposed topic was 'animation in gaming' but we ended up covering much more! Lots of fun stuff this week, we hope you'll agree!

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