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Noah Filipiak is the author of Beyond the Battle: A Man's Guide to his Identity in Christ in an Oversexualized World and the forthcoming companion book for women, More than a Princess. The Beyond the Battle Podcast goes beyond the surface-level symptoms of lust, pornography, sexual sin, and marriage and singleness issues to uncover the soul-deep solutions found in Jesus.

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Episode 3: Objectification - The Dehumanization of Women

Beyond the Battle author Noah Filipiak breaks down the third video in the BTB free
small group curriculum, "Objectification: The Dehumanization of Women."  This gets us beyond the surface of simply telling ourselves, "Don't lust, it's bad," to retraining our brains to the point we don't even want to lust.  We look at Psalm 139 and discover who women really are, rather than the lie our oversexualized culture has taught both men and women to believe.

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