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Episode 4: Express The Friendship

Welcome to the Path to SEAPonyCon where we keep you in the loop about what's happening behind the scenes of Southeast Asia's most anticipated brony convention!

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In this episode:

The Malaysian MLP:FiM Convention is back by popular demand! Come on down to MakeSpace in Kuala Lumpur on 19 and 20 November 2016 to experience the return of The Friendship Express. Admission is 7 MYR per head and you can register online at their website or at the door.

Check out for more information and detailed instuctions on how to get to the venue.

The Friendship Express was the first pony convention in Southeast Asia to speak to a VA over the internet (Vincent Tong) last year. This year they are stepping it up with teleconference interviews with Michelle Creber, BlackGryph0n, Chirpy-Chi and Dr. Psych Ology. You will even get a chance to meet the voice behind The MBS Show, Norman Sanzo at the con!

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