Through the blind looking glass


Jammin' Jerry Mader® The host of the award winning Mader Music Jam®???? And Mader Morning Jam®???? Brings both shows together in a new show called through the blind looking glass. This show will also include tips and tricks on how to live life as a blind person. It will also include uncensored fun content by the likes of which jamming Jerry Mader can only provide. The show is for people 18 and older. This show was for everybody who one. Hates their job. Two. Need something to laugh at. Three. Loves getting drunk, getting high, and having fun. Before you ask no this show is not going to be a mess it's going to be an organized uncensored fun and entertaining show. So why not subscribe today for only $10 a month. It will be the best $10 you ever spent. But we must warn you if you can't handle the F bomb you might not want to subscribe because it's dropped once every hour or more. Hey at least were honest. Enjoy the show everybody RSS Feed URL

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Title: through the blind looking glass ep 1

through the blind looking glass ep 1

June 29th, 2017

First off this is the first time i ever done a podcast. So please forgive the levels if they're hot. Second i've only just begun so there will be little… Go to Episode