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The Allen Hunt Show is about faith and life, plain and simple. According to a Gallup Poll in May of 2005, 85% of Americans consider their faith important or fairly important to their lives. Yet there is a gap on the talk radio airwaves that examines where faith and life come together. This show fills that gap like nothing currently on the radio. This is not one more political talk show, nor is it another faith-based counseling show because ultimately, life is not about what is right or left, but about what is right and wrong. The Allen Hunt Show takes on real life issues, with real life people, to see how faith can have a real impact. If you live in Atlanta, GA, join us on News/Talk 750 WSB, on Sundays between 6-8 PM. If you are outside the Atlanta area or unable to listen, enjoy the free podcast. Blessings!

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