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A comic book and geek conversation show. Presented by CXPulp.com


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Title: 2 in 1 Showcase Episode One: Secret Origins

2 in 1 Showcase Episode One: Secret Origins

January 6th, 2007

The first in a long-running series of podcasts about comics. This week, Blake and Chase discuss the current state of the "Big Two," Marvel and DC Comics.… Go to Episode

2-in-1-Shot Episode 1: K'Rot?

December 9th, 2012

Blake's bringing in a new format for the occasional mini-episode, starting this week, the 2-in-1-Shot! When you see this, expect a quick rant on a single… Go to Episode

2-in-1 Shot #2: Disney, Star Wars, and Gail Simone's Christmas Miracle

December 24th, 2012

It's time for your next 2-in-1 Shot! Now that Disney's purchase of Lucasfilm is final, what does that mean for Dark Horse's Star Wars comics? And how… Go to Episode

2-in-1 Shot #3: Man of Secrecy

January 21st, 2013

DC Comics quietly confirmed this week the new Scott Snyder/Jim Lee Superman title is going to be called Man of Steel, which is what most of us assumed… Go to Episode