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Powerful nutrition habits that last with Meghan Bentley

Meghan Bentley has a deep academic background in the worlds of sport, exercise nutrition, health and lifestyle. Meghan works with the English Institute of Sport, has a Masters degree in sports and exercise nutrition and has just finished her PhD. It’s this PhD that we chat about today.

Meghan’s PhD is all about matching the theory of nutrition with how to engender positive behaviour change. After all, “it’s not what you know, it’s what you do”. Many of us know what foods are good for us but why do so many fail to implement lasting change? It’s all about behaviour change.

If you’re looking to build more positive habits into your life, this conversation is for you. Whether you’re an athlete looking to achieve training consistency or nail your diet or perhaps want to address other negative habits, there’s plenty to take away from this fascinating and informative discussion.

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