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A weekly podcast series with tech entrepreneurs that aims to uncover the founder's DNA.


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Episode 50: Ryan Denehy, Electric

In this episode, you’ll hear about: -How Electric was born from Ryan’s own frustrations with IT in his previous company, and why he was on the look out for hardships during that time -Why Ryan decided to start his next company in NYC vs SF, where his former company Swarm was headquartered, and the big takeaways he learned from running his past startups -Ryan’s first childhood career aspiration (which draw chuckles from me) and how filmmaking eventually inspired his interest in entrepreneurship -How some professional athletes have parlayed their talents into new ventures, and why passion projects are always a great place to start creating -Ryan’s reasoning for attending college after already having success in his late teens, and how he views education during the hiring process -The qualities that make for a great hire at Electric, and why persistence is hands down the best attribute an entrepreneur can have Listen as Ryan shares a New York startup he really loves (so much so that he personally invested), in addition to the “founder” he’d most want to interview and why.