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I share my thoughts and research into issues which affect primarily but not exclusively the indigenous European people and the White diaspora, but also global issues which affect everyone throughout the world.

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Hour 19 - "Putin's Brain" Alexander Dugin's emergence into Western "alt-right" media.

In this episode I discuss "Putin's Brain" Alexander Dugin's emergence into Western "alt-right" media, especially through Alex Jones's Infowars.


The New European - Meet the most dangerous man in the world -

Globe and Mail - Has Putin bought into these dangerous ideas? -

Financial Times - Putin's grand vision and echos of '1984' -

Independent - Richard Spencer’s wife details years of alleged domestic violence against her -

Dugin's website "":


Youtube - Aleksandr Dugin "Putin's Brain" joins Alex Jones -

Youtube - Aleksandr Dugin on Millennials, Modernity and Religion -

Youtube - Alexander Dugin interviews Alex Zionist Jones on Russian Television -


Alex Jones interviewing Alexander Dugin

David Duke with Alexander Dugin

Dugin with, among others, Rabbi Dovid Weiss at the New Horizon Conference in Iran (


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