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Title: [tpdv0001] - 06.03.10 Chemo - Video "Turn Up The Suck" (mov)

[tpd081] 07.04.11 Light Box

January 21st, 2010

ah, psychedelic death cults!Tracklist:01_MRSHOe.OGG 2.8M02_ReaSONS.OGG 6.1M03_MouG.OGG 7.2M04_BonSON.OGG 5.3M05_UndRE.OGG 6.8M06_YRneNR.OGG 6.1M07_NEWburgRE.OGG… Go to Episode

[tpd082] 07.04.16 Everyone Here Is Me

January 21st, 2010

Ambient things. Heavily inspired by Stars Of The Lid.Tracklist:01_BeaU.OGG 4.3M02_piYOta.OGG 8.7M03_MoOle.OGG 8.9M04_YeewiDDLe.OGG 10.8M05_EyOM.OGG 8.5MListen:StreamInternet… Go to Episode

[tpd078] 07.02.08 Secret Shortcut

January 21st, 2010

everone get your gas masks on! they're raiding the compound! ..delicious melodic idm. some downtempo things, crazy things. It's the secret shortcut into… Go to Episode

[tpd079] 07.02.22 I'll See You When My Battery Dies

January 21st, 2010

some creepy things going on here in the dark!! your head!Tracklist:01_Jun.OGG 4.4M02_Taod.OGG 5.7M03_Parti.OGG 2.3M04_Moo.OGG 4.8M05_MooM.OGG… Go to Episode