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I extend my sincerest thanks to the following for making the March 7, 2020 broadcast possible: Catherine Ladnier and John Mickey Robinson; Sue Hill McClenachan, and Kevin M.J. O'Connor of the Jeffrey Matthews Group, and listeners to the Asia Today with Jeffrey Bingham Mead Show. You're invited to help make future broadcasts possible through our GoFundMe campaign or by contacting us at [email protected] 

On the Saturday, March 7, 2020 broadcast of Asia Today with Jeffrey Bingham Mead I welcomed Baldwin Chiu and Larissa Lam by phone from California. I met Baldwin and Larissa several years ago at a screening of their first documentary, Finding Cleveland, held at Greenwich, Connecticut’s Second Congregational Church

One of the great passions Americans of all walks of life share in common is the search for their family history -often resulting in surprises and an avalanche of additional questions. Now, in 2020 Baldwin Chiu and Larissa Lam have returned! 

Far East Deep South is a new 76-minute documentary that follows the Chiu Family on a surprising journey through Mississippi in search of their lost family history. 

They meet a diverse group of local residents and historians, who shed light on the racially complex history of the early Chinese in the segregated South. 

Their emotional journey also leads them to discover how exclusionary immigration laws like the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 impacted their family and how deep their roots run in America.

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