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Eight Things to Know before completing your FAFSA

Jazzmine L. Golden is Senior Financial Aid Counselor at Bellarmine University and says these are some of the Common Mistakes made in Completing your FAFSA form: 

  • Forgot to sign the form 
  • Incorrect information for Household size 
  • Incorrect Income Tax Information
  • Remember the first part of FAFSA is for Student Information

Ms. Golden offers the following tips to completing your FAFSA form: 

  • Fill out the form soon after October 1st (some states, like Kentucky, offer grants on a first come first serve basis)
  • Attend Information Session at Bellarmine University in Louisville 10/24
  • Call the Office of Financial Aid with any questions
  • Have your income and tax materials readily available to complete the FAFSA 

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