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#57 UCLA Champion to Champions League Silver Medal with Mari AQUINO

#57 UCLA Champion to Champions League Silver Medal with Mari AQUINO

Mariana "Mari" Thomaz de Aquino (Born in Curitiba, 2 of May 1991) is a Brazilian indoor voleibolista, playing position of central , who served the Brazilian national team as a youth and was the first Brazilian to win the title of the NCAA University Championships of the United States with UCLA and she also competed in beach volleyball at UCLA. Professionally, she won the silver medal in the 2018 European CEV Champions League in Romania. Now is back in Brazil playing in the Superliga after a knee surgery.

Titles and results

Gold medal NCAA National University Championship : 2011

Silver medal Romanian Championship : 2017-18

Silver medal Romanian Cup : 2018

Silver medal School Olympics : 2008

Gold medal Youth Mining Championship : 2008

Silver medal Children's Mining Championship : 2009

Silver medal Children's Metropolitan Championship : 2009

Bronze medal Brazilian Children's National Championship (Special Division) : 2006 and 2007

Gold medal Minas Cup Tennis Children's Club : 2005

Gold medal ParanĂ¡ Children's Cup : 2004

Gold medal ParanĂ¡ Children's Cup : 2005

Individual awards

Best Blocker of Turkish Championship Second Division 2015-16

Best Blocker of the Minas Tennis Club Kids Club


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