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#021: 3 Biggest Mistakes in a Board Interview, with Matt Craven

You've been perfecting your interview technique for years. But what if you need a different interview skillset for board positions?!

In today's episode, we're joined again by Matt Craven, an expert on career development.  On previous episodes, Matt taught us about creating a board resume and developing your board brand.  Today he shares how to succeed in board-level interviews. 

No one gets good at anything without coaching and practice. Think of sports, hobbies, and jobs - did anyone get good at those things through osmosis or did they seek out coaching and then practice, practice, practice?! How can you be good at something you've done only a hand full of times in your life? Matt's interview coaching services provide the coaching candidates need to become an accomplished interviewer!!

In today's episode, Matt helps us think through executive-level interview technique, including

  • What are the top mistakes executives make in an interview?

  • What is the key to successful interviewing?

  • How a candidate would answer certain questions such as “tell me about yourself!”, “if offered the position, what would be your strategy for the first 90- days?” and “do you have any questions for us?”

This episode will provide actionable insights into how you can prepare for a board interview. Click here to listen now!

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