Live from Boddums Up! Talent Search 2019


This is an approximately 3-4 hour show featuring the best highlights of the "Boddums Up" pub Talent Search 2019, hosted by Sounds Delicious DJ.

The "Talent Search" was created by Dwane Fillmore of "Entertainment On Line" in order to discover the 15 best unknown singers around Alberta, Canada to record singles and receive radio play! Come sing and audition!

Contact B.U. for details on their Facebook page and talk to Dwane at (403) 265-6383.

Entertainment On Line:

Technical production, recording, video, and hosting by Sounds Delicious DJ and VideoTekk.
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Live from Boddums Up! Talent Search 2019 navigateright Episode

Podcast #2 - part 1 of 2 - Talent Search 2019

Welcome to the SECOND LIVE PODCAST coming to you from the Boddums Up "TALENT SEARCH" 2019. Hear the entire show each week as it happened and take note of all the performers! One of them could be YOU! This week the show is in two parts. This is part one.
Produced by "Sounds Delicious" DJ and "VideoTekk" in Conjunction with "West Star Promotions": We give you unmatched features, quality, and EXPOSURE in the Calgary area for up and coming singers!
Many singers in this episode, including the zany hilarity of Mike "Dolomite McJones"! He is just one of the people whose fame in Calgary and elsewhere is GROWING EVERY WEEK because of his attendance and performance at the Talent Search!
If you want to be SEEN and HEARD all over the internet, record singles, music videos, and earn real radio AIRPLAY to grow your personal profile and notoriety: "Boddums Up" Pub is THE place to be on Sundays 3pm to 7pm! There is NO other Calgary company that does all this!
Here is a complete rundown of this episode:
0 - 3:30 Welcome to Podcast 2

Normal fun singing and warmups

3:30 to  7:12 BJ sings
7:12 to 10:48 Sherry West
10:48 to 15:26 Derry Rickman
15:26 to 22:07 Brian Bromley (2 songs)
22:07 to 26:19 Loman Edwards
26:19 to 30:28 Loman & Mike
30:28 to 39:51 BJ (2 songs)
39:51 to 46:15 Wendy Frew
46:15 to 55:04 Derry Rickman
55:04 to 1:05 Sherry West (2 songs)
1:05 to 1:12 Mike (Dolomite McJones) 2 songs

1:12 to 1:15 Dwane Fillmore TS announcements and rules

Qualifier rounds

1:15 to 1:25 Simon Wiebe (2 songs)
1:25 to 1:34 BJ (songs)
1:36 to 1:47 Derry (2 songs)

Resuming fun singing for all!

1:47 to 1:51 Mary Ann Oxtoby - radio single LIVE
1:51 to 1:57 Derry Rickman
1:57 to 2:06 Loman Edwards (2 songs)
2:06 to 2:16 Mike (Dolomite McJones) 2 songs
2:16 to 2:20 Dwane Fillmore TS post qualifier announcements
2:20 to 2:26 Loman and Derry
2:26 to 2:33 Mike (Dolomite McJones) 2 songs
2:33 to 2:39 Loman Edwards
2:39 to 2:45 Derry and Wendy
2:45 to 2:51 Derry and Mike
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Interested in growing your profile nationally with RADIO PLAY and more? Talk to Dwane at "Entertainment On Line" via the Boddums Up facebook page!