"Business Alchemy" with Angella Johnson


Business Alchemy is the show that will ignite you to have the courage to say yes to a vision bigger than your fear and beyond status quo. This show features Intuitive Business Strategist, Angella Johnson, who will also be highlighting inspiring guests who will inspire you with their courage, tenacity, and expertise.


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Business Alchemy: Women Who Create Too Much. Are you a Scanner?

A few years ago, Michele and I had a conversation about “women who create too much.” It was the first time I was introduced to the Scanner energy and wow, could I relate! It opened up a whole new world for me about how we stifle our creations by trying to focus, because our ability to “focus” somehow translates to how successful we will be. If you have had a pattern of having your hand in many pots at once, or starting something but not finishing it. Or even not sure which ONE thing you should decide on for your life, then you will want to listen to this podcast.