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Free Energy: Zero Point Energy, Black Holes, Anti Gravity

Scientists, Entrepreneurs and Futurists, Albert Abel and George Hathaway join the program to discuss the reality of a zero point energy device utilizing the invisible, but very real, energy that encompasses all of us. They describe what this device could do and what is needed to complete its actual application for the masses. It is the most promising free energy device I have personally seen that could realistically lead to free energy for all people on the planet and off planet. You can see more of their work at and Also, for my Patreons, Jovion has shared their patent for zero point energy extraction (for more technical people) and another document that explains the concept in simpler terms for those that are not so technical. You can see those documents @ Follow me on Twitter @ Censorship is serious. To stay informed of all the latest episodes, sign up for my weekly newsletter @     Valuable Information Shared on the Show:   See the studies and learn more about the 24 hour weight loss supplement that guarantees results! Tetrogen @             Learn more about Dr. Bill Andrews Telomere Lengthening and the world's best anti aging compound - Use code "Sarah5" to receive a 5% discount. This works with other offers including the 10% introductory offer advertised on their website:           Sign up for the FREE 5G summit and receive 5 free eBooks and more! @           Albert Abel Biography Inventor, entrepreneur, and executive-level corporate officer with more than 40 years’ experience in the creation, development, management, and commercialization of new technologies. My technologies have contributed to such diverse fields as environmental remediation, hydrogen-fueled automobiles, advanced refractory materials, polysilazane chemistry, advanced coating and plating technology, EMI shielding, aerospace materials, health care systems, and alternative energy resources.Responsible for the formation or early development and financing of more than a dozen technology-based companies, including two IPO’s (total financing: $50 million). Holds 21 U.S. patents and numerous foreign patents.   George Hathaway Biography George Hathaway, P.E. graduated from the Dep’t of Electrical Engineering at the University of Toronto in 1974 and is a Registered Professional Engineer. As founder and principal of HRI, he is responsible for scientific and engineering “hands-on” project management from concept to completion and is the chief designer with final oversight and accountability whilst managing and directing multiple projects simultaneously. He is a consultant on novel and exotic materials, energy production and propulsion concepts and is expert on experimental design, analysis, testing and technical drawing and report writing. George is also a machinist with considerable experience in all cutting, turning, milling, joining and fabrication operations and is an expert on scientific and engineering measurements and their misuse. He is also a reviewer for several scientific publications and author of the book “Mindbending: The Hutchison Files”.   See the full show on Youtube